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text to speech


Are you a teacher?

Are you looking for inspiration on how to use

Text-To-Speech in your classroom?


In this book teacher and author Margit Gade shares her knowledge and experience on the use of Text-To-Speech in the classroom. A "Text-to-speech" program can read aloud the text you see on a screen. For example, it may be a text on your computer screen or on your smartphone. TTS is not only for struggling readers, but also a great tool for all students, especially when they learn a foreign language. The book provides an overview and is quick and easy to read. Among other things, you can learn about:


•When to use TTS

•How to introduce the students to TTS

•How to implement TTS in the daily work

•How to choose between Reading Modes

•How to use Reading Strategies to ensure the students’ understanding


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Reflection while Reading (RwR)
Promotes reading comprehension

Find it on App Store and Google Play – its free!

RwR is used in the teaching of reading while reading is taking place –  e.g. while the learners read a small
in their history books or in an article found on the internet.
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